The Musicians

Charles Furtado


Charles first came to appreciate rhythm through years of tap dance. He was the on drumline throughout high school and college, eventually becoming a member of Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps.


 In the past few years, Charles has developed a love for hand percussion from all over the world.


He enjoys studying the music of West Africa, The Middle East & South America in his free time.

David Matters


Vocals | Songwriter |



David has been writing original music for over twelve years.

His style and lyrical content has varied widely during this journey but his aim has never wavered-to create music straight from the heart and to maintain an authentic voice.

His roots were initially planted in the punk and hardcore music scene of the North East, but over the years his interests have migrated and currently rest in the fertile soil of traditional folk styles from around the world.


With a focus on trance-inducing, fingerstyle guitar and melodies that contain flavors of Africa and the Middle East, David's songwriting has a dark edge but a wonderfully uplifting finish. 

Megan Drollinger

Vocals | Violin

A 7th generation fiddle player originating from the heartland. Influenced by her father and sister, she began her musical journey at the age of four.


In her travels, she found that whether playing Swedish folk music or Cumbia, the most important aspect of music-making was listening intently. Throughout the years she has enjoyed exploring music from all over the world.


Blending her technical skill and knowledge with her love of traditional folk music, she strives to create a rich sound with informed harmonies that remind the listener of their true nature.

About Life Like Water

The best way to live / is to be like water / for water benefits all things / and goes against none of them. 
-Lao Tzu


Life Like Water is the creation of David Matters and is a musical response to a life in transition.

From his early days of living in a van and playing punk rock music, to hitchhiking across the country with a banjo strapped on his back, to his current attempt at wedding his family life with the unsteady path of a folk musician, David continues to use his own transience as a source of inspiration for his songwriting.

Together, with his bandmates Megan Drollinger and Charles Furtado, Life Like Water's music has developed a sound that straddles the edges of contemporary folk and traditional music from around the world.


With a focus on trance-inducing, finger-style guitar, elegant vocal harmonies, and melodies that contain flavors of Africa and the Middle East, the music of this eclectic trio possesses a dark edge with a wonderfully uplifting finish.

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